Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doors and Windows Revamped

With people being more conscious of reusing and recycling for the betterment of our planet, it is definitely causing us to look at items that were once regarded as junk in a new light.

I have noticed a trend with repurposing doors and windows into various furniture and home decor items. There are so many different ways one can incorporate this design into their home and in their outdoor space to add charm.

Here's a few I found that I am sure you will really like too:

What a wonderful way to differentiate areas in your garden. And as the years go by, the more weathered and beautiful they will look.

What a great way to repurpose cabinet doors. In my opinion one can never have too many bulletin or message boards!

Don't ya just want to curl up in that bed with a great book? The weathered patina of the doors really fits with the decor and feel of the room.


You can incorporate a beautiful door or frame as in this vignette in your home to add texture and depth and interest.

This decor is not limited to those with a more rustic decor scheme. You can refinish the wood and give it a coat of paint to incorporate it into your decor.

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