Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Displaying Children's Artwork

Sharing a home with a toddler means you will have lots and lots of drawings to display. I have collected a few ideas to help you display your child's masterpieces with style.

You can use vintage frames and paint them in a color that works with your decor, or you can pick up new frames for very little money. If you plan on changing the artwork regularly you can leave out the glass and simply use the frame.

You can hang children's art from clips that can help you rotate the artwork as your child makes it. You can affix boards to your wall as seen in this picture, you can affix a metal strip and use magnets to hold your children's art or even a drapery rod to hang the artwork from. 

Turn children's artwork into a book. You can either make one yourself with scrapbooking supplies and creativity or send the pictures virtually to a professional that will work with you to make a book.

I think it is always a good thing to encourage children to draw and be creative whenever possible and when we are able to display their artwork it gives them a sense of pride, and accomplishment - what's better than that?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Simple Country Wisdom - A Book Review

I am a huge fan of Country Living magazine  - Who isn't? I love their decor ideas, interviews and the country lifestyle that the editors at the magazine stay true to every month. So you can guess my excitement when I had the opportunity to read Simple Country Wisdom by Susan Waggoner.

I would describe my design style as country classic and since I live in a rural country area - I guess it fits! I like all things that encompass the country way of life such as: rustic decor, antiques, and home -made baked goods.

I have been a guest in homes that exude the country charm and welcome that I long to achieve in my own home. You know the homes that you just feel welcome in, comfortable in? I have often left wondering what is the homeowners secret? Obviously, they are great, welcoming people but there is something more to it. Susan answers that question for me in Simple Country Wisdom. The truth is it's not one thing that makes a home welcoming - its a sum total of several things.

The author Susan Waggoner gives the reader several (501 to be exact!) ideas to help you make your home feel more tended to, organised and harmonious. The ideas in this book are not limited to decor but also include tips on gardening, saving money on your energy bills to controlling pests and what to do with leftovers.

I hope that you get a chance to read this book and that you enjoy it as much as I did. I believe it is a must have in any well styled book case!

P.S. Country Living and Susan Waggoner have no idea who I am. I simply liked this book and wanted to share it with you.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Groundhog Day Adventure

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a grand weekend so far!

This week I took a couple of days off work to be with the family and basically do what I want to do, when I wanted to do it. Such as get groceries at 11 am instead of the evening, jog at 3 pm instead of 7 pm when it is dark. It's the simple things :)

On February 2 it was Groundhog Day, and as the legend says: if the ground hog sees his shadow we will have 6 more weeks of winter, if on the other hand he doesn't see his shadow we are set for an early spring. Believe me, I was hoping he wouldn't see his shadow :)

We took Abigail to see Shubenacadie Sam - the local groundhog. He didn't see his shadow which means an early spring. Yahoo! As I am typing this it is - 18 c with the windchill - spring cannot get here soon enough for me!

The natural resources park had some activities for the little ones such as face painting, balloon animals, hot cocoa, and free admission to the park that day. If you are in Nova Scotia and you can make it to the wildlife park it is well worth the visit. There is also a really nice trail through the wetlands at the park that we walked last summer and plan to again this spring when the park opens regular hours.

Abigail had lots of fun at the festivities and really enjoyed her doggy balloon animal. Many of the animals were out enjoying the crisp winter air such as the wolves, cougars, foxes and horses which made for lots of excitement.

I hope you have a great weekend! Go Pats!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doors and Windows Revamped

With people being more conscious of reusing and recycling for the betterment of our planet, it is definitely causing us to look at items that were once regarded as junk in a new light.

I have noticed a trend with repurposing doors and windows into various furniture and home decor items. There are so many different ways one can incorporate this design into their home and in their outdoor space to add charm.

Here's a few I found that I am sure you will really like too:

What a wonderful way to differentiate areas in your garden. And as the years go by, the more weathered and beautiful they will look.

What a great way to repurpose cabinet doors. In my opinion one can never have too many bulletin or message boards!

Don't ya just want to curl up in that bed with a great book? The weathered patina of the doors really fits with the decor and feel of the room.


You can incorporate a beautiful door or frame as in this vignette in your home to add texture and depth and interest.

This decor is not limited to those with a more rustic decor scheme. You can refinish the wood and give it a coat of paint to incorporate it into your decor.