Monday, March 14, 2011

Pantry Makeover!

Hi Friends,

This past week has been a busy one at The Rustic School House as I have been busy freshening up our kitchen pantry. I wanted to update the pantry as inexpensively as possible, it needed a couple coats of paint and some serious organization!



We are really happy with the results! I love how fresh and clean it feels.

I put a lot of thought into storage and purchased containers for cereal, pasta, etc. Everything is organised so that I can easily see what items I have in my pantry, what I am getting low on, and what I need to pick up at the grocery store.

My goal with this project was to update on a budget and I achieved that. The grand total of this kitchen pantry redo was $125.53 taxes included!

Pretty good huh? For that money I purchased paint, paint brushes, (I treated myself to a brand spankin' new Prudy brush - I am in lurve!) baskets and containers for storage.

If you have a small project in mind I hope you decide to complete soon. This pantry update shows that you don't have to break the bank to improve your space, one step at a time, one room at a time.

Have a great week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning - The Natural Way!

The temperatures are getting milder, the snow is melting and spring is on its way- yay! Although Fall is hands down my favorite season, spring is a close second. I love the first signs of spring- robins, tulips and daffodils.

With spring comes spring cleaning. I really enjoy spring cleaning- no I am not running a fever :)  I just love a clean, fresh home - I mean, who doesn't?

Since becoming a mom I am far more conscious of what cleaning products I use in our home. I don't want to expose my family or myself to toxic fumes and products unnecessarily. So here's a few natural products that you can use today to make your spring cleaning and everyday cleaning a much more pleasant experience.

Vinegar- works like an all purpose cleaner is super cheap and naturally disinfects. Mix with water and you have a cleaner that works on windows, floors, counters, and fixtures in the bathroom. Worried that your house is gonna smell like vinegar? Don't be - the smell goes away as it dries.

Lemon Juice- hard water and soap scum doesn't stand a chance with lemon juice. It also works great to shine brass and copper. You can throw the peels down your garbage disposal to freshen the kitchen or combine lemon juice with a bit of baking soda to create a cleaning paste.

Baking Soda- absorbs odors in your fridge or freezer. I use baking soda as I would any commerical abrasive product. It always gets my kitchen sink sparkling!

Olive Oil- makes a great furniture polish when combined with lemon juice.

Borax- combine with lemon juice to use as a toilet bowl cleaner. It's great for removing stains.

Baby Oil- Use for shining your stainless steel appliances. I find that not only does it shine my appliances, it seems to repel a lot of the finger prints and grime. And that scent-wonderful!

If you are not a fan of mixing and measuring there are many natural commerical cleaners on the market now. The only commerical natural product I use is Murphy's oil soap (which I love by the way), so I am not sure if the other products are effective but if you have or do use 'em I would love to hear your opinion!

Do you have any natural cleaners that you use that I have not included? I am always looking for new tips and tricks- please share!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

BTW, stop by on Monday- I have a great before and after planned of something I have been working on all this week!