Monday, October 24, 2011

Peacock In Decor

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I love peacocks, I think they are strikingly beautiful with all of their vibrantly colored feathers - greens, blues, browns, oranges - a true natures palette.

Peacock is a bold pattern in both home decor and fashion right now. I wanted to show how using the peacock feather as inspiration in the decor of your room or home and have great results.

For someone who is fearless in their decor and want to really make a statement with peacock you may choose to paint your walls in a bold turquoise, wallpaper an entire room with peacock patterned paper or upholster a piece of furniture in a shade of green, orange or purple.

For most people, we want to use the peacock pattern or color palette as an accent only. A great way to do this is through a fabric story, infusing color in a few toss cushions, drapery fabric, on an accent wall or through accessories such as a vase, bowl or piece of art.

When using a bold color in a room or home, I suggest you temper the rich saturation or bold vibrancy of the color with whites and creams so that it doesn't overwhelm the space. We want to draw inspiration from the peacock not make everything in the room peacock!

Peacock is a bold pattern but as you can see in the photos you can incorporate any pattern or color that you love in a space - you just have to know when enough is enough.

In what way have you used bold pattern or color in your space? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

All images from pintrest.

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