Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Storage is Child's Play

I am in the planning and design stages of my toddlers big girl room and one area that I really need to address is proper book storage.We read a lot in this house, and that is certainly something that I want to encourage as Abigail gets older. Abigail has a lot of books and I want her to be able to access them safely and on her own when the desire strikes to read and imagine.

I have been scanning the web and books in search of great children's book shelf ideas and I can honestly say there are so many creative people! Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order :

I really appreciate how this shelf although simple in design, is painted in a vibrant shade and accented with a decal to add interest. The size of these particular shelves is also nice because they work in small spaces without overpowering the room like some of the larger shelving units can.

I like that this book case is similar to a piece of furniture so it can be used in other rooms and still look great. Because of the shallow design, it doesn't take up a lot of floor space. I also like that it provides easy access of the books for the child.

Isn't this book shelf fun? It is really a conversation starter and would certainly add interest to any room, particularly a child's bedroom. You can choose to paint it a vibrant color as demonstrated here or keep it more neutral - both would be fantastic!

People are so creative! Rain gutter as a book shelf? I never would have thought to use it in this way but doesn't it look great? I like the functionality of having the gutter installed at a level that makes the shelves accessible to the little ones.

Although this unit is quite shallow it does have great height to store numerous books and small toys. Because it is wall mounted it takes up no floor space and because of its depth it doesn't pose a risk of bumping into it.

I will keep you updated as the big girl room design progresses and I am certain one of these bookshelf designs will be in her room!

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