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Many of us are collectors. We may collect one like item such as pottery or glass. We may have several collections throughout our home. I wanted to share some tips about how to display your collectibles in a meaningful and organized way.

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Collections tell a story about a person, couple or family and items that are of meaning should be given a place of value and respect in the home.

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I am a collector of glass bottles. I love their history, shape and color. I am also the mother of a two year old and as such most of my glass collection is stored away for obvious reasons.

However, when I bring my collection back out  for display I am going to give the bottles a more prominent place in my home after all, they have meaning to me.

  1. Less is more. If you have a large collection you don't have to put it all out at one time. You can divide the collection in to quarters storing 3/4 and displaying 1/4 - rotating seasonally. This way your display always seems fresh.
  2. Place your collection in groupings and display them through out your home. If your items are grouped together they seem more important, organized and will be noticed by your guests.
  3. Small items such as stamps or postcards can be matted, framed and hung on the walls throughout your home. You can add them to a gallery wall or devote a single wall only to these items.


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I hope I have given you a few ideas to help you organise your collection, cut down on the clutter and display them with confidence!

What do you collect? How do you display your collection in your home or office?

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