Tuesday, October 19, 2010

J'adore Orange

As I type I can see our beautiful oak tree with its beautiful, vibrant orange leaves swaying in the wind. What a glorious fall day, and what inspiration for a post!

I love the color orange- in small doses. I find orange is one of those colors that can be overpowering. I think one of my reasons for loving fall decorating so much is for the hit of orange it gives my home- otherwise it is an orange free zone. As I looked at pictures of rooms infused with various hues of orange it has caused me to rethink the use of orange in my home. I might just have to add me some orange!

I want to share a few photos I have found that show a great use of the color orange:
color combos - orange

How beautiful is this room? The orange is the absolute perfect shade for the room. I love how the orange plays off the green on the walls and curtains.

color combos - orange

The room is one with a very neutral palette but the shot of orange really brings energy to the space in an unassuming way.

color combos - orange

The color palette in this room is AH.MAZ.ING!I love the watery blue tone on the walls with the hit of orange on the drapes and pillows.

Hermes Orange Staircase (via Colour Me Happy) eclectic staircase

By adding the orange to the stair case it took it to a whole other level don't you think? How bold!

Noe Valley Three contemporary living room

Another option, if you really like bold color is to paint an entire accent wall in orange like you see here. By keeping the rest of the room neutral, the orange didn't overpower the room. Great use of color!

A few tips on decorating with bold colors such as orange:

  • add hits of bold color in your drapes, pillows. area rug, art, lamp bases, or picture frames. Try to use the color at least twice in your space.
  • If you are nervous about buying a large item in a bold color, add it in an inexpensive way like on a vase, bowl, or blanket. That way you don't have to invest a lot of money and if you decide you don't like the color anymore you can easily change it out-guilt free!
  • If you are someone who is not afraid of color add it to an accent wall or above wainscoting in a room. I love the look of a vibrant color against crisp white of mouldings.
  • Add black or deep brown to the space in some way to ground your eye otherwise, the room can appear busy or loud. You can achieve this in the furniture, lamp bases or even picture frames.
 Do you have any orange in your home? What is your take on orange? Love it or hate it?

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