Saturday, May 11, 2013

Welcome Back Gold

Gold is back in a huge way in home decor and accessories. We see gold used in smaller doses such as with toss cushions or lamps, but it is also used in bolder applications such as with furniture or wallpaper. 

Personally, I prefer muted tones of gold over the flashy tones. My all time favorite combination is gold with green however gold and black look very sharp as well. Gold seems to be one of those metals that plays well with others.

As is the case many times in home decor although we love the look, how do we incorporate it into our spaces in a tasteful, understated way? I've gathered a few examples of spaces that I feel have succeeded in doing just that.

Mixed metals such as the combination seen here work because the metals are repeated in the space. Notice the gold pendant over the island and the gold tone repeated in the roman shade on the window.

Great combination of pink and gold. The nesting tables and lamp balance the height of the bookshelf wonderfully.

In both of the above photos, gold is incorporated in subtle ways with gold frames and small accessories.

The gold office desk and chair combination as well as the detailing on the wallpaper really adds a sense of glamour and opulence to the space.

How do you feel about the resurgence of gold in decor? How have you decorated with gold tones?

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