Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Cabin

Our family is in the beginning stages of planning and building a cabin. We are super stoked about it.

We are in love with the property that has been in the Day family for over 100 years. The acreage is on Ship Harbour Long Lake in Nova Scotia, a designated wilderness area. It is remote, quiet and perfect! We are building on land that has a brook on one side of the property and the lake on the front side.

The property is very rugged with boulders and rocks everywhere, and terrible black flies in the summer make the property practically inhabitable for several weeks of the year - but we love it. The peace and tranquility of the water, the wildlife such as moose, bear, deer, bald eagles, porcupine, fish, geese, etc., can't be beat.

Abigail is getting a hands on nature lesson every time we are at the lake! We enjoy hiking and four wheeling so we can hop on our quads or lace up our hiking boots and go all day and not be on the same quad or hiking trail twice.

We built a camp across the brook several years ago, and while it is the sweetest little thing (16 x 20) - it doesn't really suit our family. The existing camp is primarily a hunting and fishing camp. We want a place we can cook, swim, relax. Make s'mores by an open campfire, lay our heads in comfort and most importantly -  make memories as a family.

The cabin is being built with our own hands, and with a modest budget. There will be lots of DIY and flea market finds. I will be documenting the process and progress on the blog through written posts and video. I hope you will stop in from time to time!

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