Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coralling the Clutter

For quite some time there has been an area on our kitchen counters that is always cluttered. It is the spot where the tech gets plugged in, recipes are stored and any number of other small items at any given time.



I really like the new uncluttered look and that everything is within easy reach. I chose a basket tray instead of a platter because I wanted to add texture, and I like that the basket has handles so I can move it to the island or dining room if I need to.
This project cost $ 32.00 taxes included. Here is a breakdown of the costs:
Basket Tray $ 9.99
Covered Butter Dish $ 4.99
Maple Syrup Dispenser $ 12.99
Sign - already owned
Olive Oil Vessel - already owned
Creamer and Sugar Bowl - already owned
Salt and Pepper Shakers - already owned
Milk Jug - already owned
Have you done any uncluttering lately?

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