Friday, May 25, 2012

Pets and Decor

Pets are family in so many homes across the country and although at times things can get a little hairy, a home with a pet can bring much love, joy and companionship. Between beds, dishes, and everything in between decorating with pets can bring its own set of challenges. Here are some ideas for sharing your space with Fido.

Pet beds. Recycling and re - purposing items not only is friendlier to the environment but it also helps bring character and interest into a space.

This cat bed was made from a pallet and is oh so adorable. It would fit very nicely in rustic or country decor.

This is a great idea and can fit in any decor scheme based on the color of the case, and the legs. You could add chrome legs here and it would work in a modern setting.

If a DIY project isn't in your future, you can opt for something covered in a really great fabric that fits your decor .

Pet dishes. There are lots of options on the market that really up the style quotient. Some owners even opt to build in their pets dishes.

As all of us that have pets know, corralling their toys and treats can be an issue. I say bring on the baskets! They are so versatile, relatively inexpensive and depending upon your decor you can go with a natural textured basket or if your digs are more contemporary a metal finish will fit right in.

Have a great weekend!

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