Saturday, May 19, 2012

Citrus Dominates

This spring, I am seeing lots of vibrant shades of citrus green, yellow and orange everywhere I look - in home decor as well as fashion. And considering Pantone, which is the authority on color has named tangerine tango color of the year its no wonder!

Citrus colors are happy colors that tend to energize and promote happier states of mood. Citrus can be introduced through paint on the walls or furniture, through fabric such as drapes or if you want your citrus in a smaller dose you can incorporate it through home accents such as a vase or a floor mat.


In the above photo, an accent wall was used to showcase a vibrant orange hue that was used in another application in the room by incorporating it on the sofa. This space works so well because the color was used not only on the accent wall but also as part of the pillow story so the use of color looks intentional and connected.

As the above picture shows you can add the trend colors and shades in your decor to help keep your home current but you don't have to commit to any color in large applications. One can easily change the throw and cushions without a lot of time or money.

I love when an opportunity presents itself for us to step out of our comfort zones and incorporate color in hues that most of us tend to shy away from, lets embrace all that is citrus!

Have you introduced citrus into your home decor this season? If so - in what ways? If not - what is holding you back?

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