Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Wreath

There are so many great fall wreaths being made with many different items from yarn to leaves and everything in between. I really like the rustic nature of using pine cones, and because pine cones are readily available in the forest around our cabin, we made collecting them a family adventure!

I gathered my supplies which included:

straw wreath form
can of brown spray paint
roll of harvest color ribbon
glue gun
glue sticks
lots and lots and lots :) of pine cones of various sizes

I began by spraying my wreath form with brown paint to ensure that any areas that didn't get completely covered by the pine cones, still blended in.

After the paint had dried, I began gluing the pine cones over the wreath from starting with the outer edge and continuing to the inside of the wreath. Any spaces that were not filled in I used small pine cones that I had gathered.

One I was finished affixing the pine cones to the form I made a bow with the ribbon.  I really like the texture of the pine cones against the smoothness of the ribbon.

There you have it a rustic pine cone wreath for under $15!

Have you made a wreath for Autumn yet? What materials did you make your wreath out of ?

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