Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms were once utilitarian spaces with no character or life to them - that ship has sailed! Quite often there is a room or space devoted exclusively to laundry with room to sort, iron and fold. Many laundry rooms are even equipped with televisions, chairs or stools and are a place of relaxation for some.

A well designed laundry room serves it purpose well with room to hang delicates, sort dirty clothes, as well as room to fold and iron clean clothes. A sink to clean those hand wash only garments is a definite bonus. Ample storage for laundry soaps, detergents as well as extra household items like towels and face cloths, toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning products. Not all storage has to be closed, many laundry spaces utilize open storage by using baskets and decanting detergents into beautiful jars.

I am a big fan of white laundry rooms. This room has a gorgeous deep sink, lots of storage space and a large island to fold clothing on.

Laundry contemporary laundry room

You don't have a room to dedicate to laundry? This niche is a wonderful alternative and by making horizontal lines on the walls it helps to visually widen and lengthen the space.

Laundry Room eclectic laundry room

This laundry room also serves as an entrance. I like this room because it shows how one can make a space serve more than one purpose through thoughtful design.

fresh laundry traditional laundry room

Often times the laundry room is a space to experiment with bold color or pattern that one would not use in any other space in their home.

The Container Store > Platinum elfa Laundry Center contemporary laundry room

                 (All photos by Houzz)

Do you have a laundry room or a space dedicated to laundry? What features do you like or wish you had in a laundry room?

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