Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lighting Finale!

Alright, so you have patiently waited for the ending of this series so you can get some great lighting tips and tricks for your home. You have looked at a few of my favorite types of lighting and perhaps thought of a few of your personal favorites. Your wait is now over-the last post in this series has arrived and as Abigail would say...Ta Da!

1. Mirror it up!

You've heard it before I am sure, but adding mirrors to a space helps to reflect light which in turn makes the room appear larger and brighter. For optimal light reflection place the mirror opposite a window.

Ballard Designs

2. White is your friend!

Did you know that the most reflective paint color is white? When looking to brighten a space in your home, choosing white or off- white will help to reflect light in your room so those spaces with poor lighting conditions or little to no natural light will seem more spacious.

                                                        Apartment Therapy

                                                                Elle Decor

3. Virtually anything is reusable!

You can turn basically anything into a lamp and include it into your decor. You need an electrical wiring kit that you can find at a hardware store and a container that suits your fancy.

                                                               Pottery Barn

4. Dimmers are a must!

I would put a dimmer switch on every light in my house if left to my own devices! If you can only put one light on a dimmer in your home I would recommend your dining room. Lights that have the ability to dim really help to set the mood for your entertaining and quite frankly who wants a florescent light glaring down on them?!

                                                          Sarah Richardson

Lighting Types

General Lighting: This type of light is your main lighting source in the room and may be in the form of a chandelier, flush mount light or recessed lighting. Quite often this type of light is on a dimmer so you can increase or decrease the intensity of the light.

den  family room


Accent Lighting: You quite often will see this type of lighting used to highlight a valued piece of artwork, a vignette in a room or mounted in cabinetry to highlight prized collectibles.

Stairs contemporary staircase


Task Lighting: This type of light is used throughout the home in various ways such as a table lamp on a bedside table, a desk lamp with a manipulative arm to place light precisely where needed or in the kitchen in the form of pendant lighting over an island.

White Kitchen Black Island traditional kitchen


I hope that you have learned some new info with this series and have really given thought to the lighting conditions in your home. Remember that it doesn't have to be expensive and labour intensive to brighten your space. A well lit space is not only a more pleasurable one to be in but it is also a safer one to work and relax in.

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