Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wallpaper Rocks!

Hi friends! Have ya heard? Wallpaper is back!

Yes, the design industry is again embracing wallpaper-big time! Now that I have struck fear in everyone who has ever dealt with trying to remove the stuff in years past, let me say-the current papers are nothing like the 1970′s versions with bad patterns, colors and evil glue!

There are so many choices out there now for wallpapers. You can either paper an entire room or use it on one accent wall of a room to really add pop. I also love to use it in hallways for interest in a space that it often overlooked in design.

Wallpaper adds a dimension to your space that you won’t achieve from paint. Paper also is a good option for a room that has less than perfect walls. As with everything, wallpaper cost varies tremendously based on quality, pattern, and amount you require.

If your budget is on the slim side but you found a pattern that you love you can frame it as art, or apply it on a drawer front of a side table. With wallpaper it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and in many cases less really is more.

In my designs I always choose a fabric that I love and base my color scheme from it. When decorating a room with wallpaper I do the same thing. More often than not wallpaper is my jumping off point because often times it is a dominate feature of the room.

      (image via Sarah Richardson)

Depending upon the style of the room I like to paper an accent wall only. This is a great option when you want to add texture and pattern to a room without breaking the bank or making the room to busy feeling.

    (image via House & Home)

Sometimes keeping the rest of the room calm and adding one shot of texture and color is what you are looking for. Framing paper as artwork  is a great option.


          (image via House & Home)

Adding wallpaper to a hallway or a ceiling can add a sense of whimsy and color that would be otherwise unexpected. A personal fave of mine is grass cloth. Grass cloth adds color and texture with a subtle pattern.

      (image via House & Home)

           (image via Apartment Therapy)

You can use a traditional pattern of paper for your room such as these:

            (image via House &Home)

         (image via Ballard Designs)

         (image via Country Living)

or you can decorate outside of the box and bring the great outdoors in

             (Image via Apartment Therapy)

As you can see, wallpaper in decor has never looked better and I hope this post has given you pause to rethink using wallpaper in your decor.

Are you a fan of wallpaper? Have you papered a room recently? What was your experience?

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