Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Your Ceiling Boring?

Most of our ceilings are white and lacking in architectural detail. I am going to show you a few personal favorite ceiling styles that I hope will give you some ideas to vamp up your ceiling.

I like to look at a ceiling as a fifth wall. Quite often when we are designing a room we put so much effort and thought into the color for the walls, the type of flooring, style of draperies, etc. and the ceiling doesn’t even enter our thought process. We paint the ceiling white-there done! But there really are so many other options for us to consider. In design we are seeing some really beautiful detailed ceilings everything from coffered to textured even mural paintings!

Drop Ceilings

Drop ceilings are also known as suspended ceilings. You see these types of ceilings primarily in commercial spaces however they are being used more often in residential. My house has this type of ceiling. If you read the “about” section of this site you’ve read that my house used to be a schoolhouse. We did the renovation ourselves, Mr.RSH is a carpenter by trade and since we knew we couldn’t hang a drywall ceiling all by ourselves we chose to install a drop ceiling which we could (and did!) install ourselves. I really like the unique look it gives our home. Yes its white, but it has texture and pattern, it’s not your basic drywall ceiling.

Coffered/Tray Ceilings

I am totally smitten for this type of ceiling, it is so beautiful. What a unique architectural feature these type of ceilings give to a home.

Barn Board Ceilings

You cannot beat the rustic nature of barn boards. I love them used as an eco-friendly flooring option and I love them as a unique ceiling option. I’m a nature girl at heart so I would love to have barn board anything! Maybe in our cabin??

What’s your take on the great white ceiling debate? Do you have a unique ceiling in your home?

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