Monday, May 13, 2013

Spice Drawer Revamp

Hello Friends! Thanks for stopping by, I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one. We mowed the lawn, and added mulch to most of the garden beds before the rain arrived in all its glory.

I tackled a project that I have been putting off for quite some time now and that was cleaning out my spice drawer. Because I enjoy cooking, and I cook most of our meals at home, I like to have spices to add to our food for seasoning and flavor. Keeping that spice drawer neat and orderly has been a bit of a challenge.

Last time I was in the city running errands, I picked up a few of these glass spice containers at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

If you are planning on organizing your spice drawer and decanting some or all of your spices, ensure that the containers you use are food safe. If you are not sure, ask a sales associate - they should know. I also stopped at Staples and picked up some label tape for my Brother P-touch labeller. I love how neatly printed and cohesive everything looks when I slap a label on it :)

Generally, whole spices last 4 years, ground spices 2-3 years and dried herbs 1-3 years. If you rub the spice in your hand and it smells or taste weak it is time to toss it. Spices are supposed to have vibrant color - if yours are pale it may be time to toss as well.

After I cleaned all the spilled spices out of the drawer, I decanted all the spices that were not expired and past their prime. I sanitized the glass spice jars prior to filling them, let them dry then labeled each jar immediately after filling it.

I am so happy with the results. Each spice is easy locate and clearly labelled. Because the spices are in glass jars I can see when I am getting low on a particular spice and add it to my grocery list.

Have you started any spring cleaning or organizing around your home?

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