Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Emerald Is The Color of The Year

Since Pantone named emerald as its color of the year for 2013, it has been popping up in fashion as well as home decor. I am a huge fan of any shade and any tone of green -always have been, always will be. Green is such an vibrant, energizing color.

This room is a showcase for the great combination of green and gold. The addition of the black in the rug, painting, window coverings and accessories give the eye a place to rest in a visually vibrant room.

When using a bold pattern or color such as emerald green, I always like to repeat it somewhere in the room so it looks deliberate and cohesive. In the above photo the decorator added pattern and color in the drapes and repeated the color in the artwork above the sofa and with the chair.

Another successful way to work with emerald (or any bold color) is to temperate it with cream and white. By adding the color through accents such as a throw or toss cushions - instead of committing to an expensive purchase such as a sofa, when the color trends change, you can keep up without a lot of work or cost.

Giving your furniture a new face lift is a great way to introduce an on trend color to your space. Applying paint with an interesting technique or pattern such as chevron in the above photo can take a ho-hum piece of furniture to another level.

Although emerald is certainly another bold color of the year I don't believe it is as polarizing as 2011 choice of honeysuckle. Emerald is also a color that plays well with others such as gold, fuchsia, yellow, navy, and brown.

How have you decorated with emerald? How do you incorporate on trend colors into your decorating?

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